A downloadable quasi-game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Microbiota is a small collection of quasi-games that explore the emergence of life and gameplay. It was started as an illustration for my seminar "Artwork Programming" at HfG Karlsruhe in 2017.

Microscope: a simulation of microscopic animals interacting with one another

Tetrominos: exploratory reflection on abstract life

Sphere_Automata: a spherical game of life with triangles (rule 2,7,8/3)

Extra credits:
833-45, sampleconstruct, juskiddink, efecto-fundador and erlipresidente on freesound.org

Install instructions

Just unzip and play!


Microbiota 2.0 - Windows x86 21 MB
Microbiota 2.0 - Mac OS 26 MB
Microbiota 2.0 - Linux x86 & x64 44 MB

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